Posible | FAQ's


1. How much is the device?
45k, one-time cash payment

2. Will there be an additional expense aside from the device itself?
Yes. We are charging Php 150.00 as a monthly service fee. It will be deducted from the device wallet every 1st day of the month.

3. Is there a royalty or bond fee?

4. Will it need an internet connection?
Yes. There's a built-in sim so customers may utilize the data. Or if customers have a WiFi connection, they can connect their device to it.

5. Do we need to connect the device to our wifi?
Not necessary since there's a built-in sim.

6. How long do we need to charge the device?
3 to 4 hours

7. Do we always need to plug the device?
Not necessary

8. Is the transaction slip considered as an official receipt?
No. It will just serve as a customer's proof of payment. Visible in the transaction slip is reference # which was provided by partner billers.

9. How are we going to load the device?
POSIBLE Wallet top-up can be done by depositing through BDO, BPI, EastWest Bank, Unionbank and Security Bank,then having the deposit slip validated.

Likewise, reloading of wallet can be done through Cebuana Lhuillier.

10. What is the minimum amount that we can load to the device?
There's no minimum but we are recommending retailers to load at least 15k in their first month.

11. Is payment posting real-time?
No. Amount deducted from the retailer's wallet will be directly forwarded to partner billers.

12. Do we need to remit the payment to partner billers (ex.: Meralco)?
Posting time to Bayad Center is real time but posting time to billers may be within 24 hours or up to 3-5 days (e.g. for regional cooperatives)

13. How are we going to earn through POSIBLE?
Through rebates and convenience fee

14. Can we add a convenience fee per transaction? If yes, how much per transaction?
Yes. But the amount for convenience fees will depend on the retailer.

15. What are the products and services available in the POSIBLE device?
Retailers can refer to for the updated list of products.

16. Does the device have a warranty?
The device has a one year warranty but POSIBLE offers lifetime service warranty. Retailers can call the customer service numbers for free repair and maintenance of their device, and retailers will only need to pay for the parts if necessary.

17. What happens if my device needs to be repaired and brought to your service center?
POSIBLE field technicians will leave a service unit so the retailer can still do transactions while they’re device is being serviced.

18. What are the requirements if we decide to buy a device?
2 valid ids,
45k for the business package
Barangay permit (recommended but is not required)

19. Do we need to have existing business first before we avail a unit
Recommended but is not required.

20. Do we need to get a barangay permit?
Recommended but is not required

21. Do we still accept late payment for Meralco
Yes, as long as there's no disconnection letter

22. Can we pay for government services?
Yes. For Philhealth, Pag-ibig & SSS we are accepting self-contribution.

23. Do we have airline ticketing?
No (as of the moment)

24. Do we accept credit card payment?
No (as of the moment)